Minggu, 30 Juli 2006

Suppose you are doing a lot of Web design for eventstraining

Suppose you are doing a lot of Web design, and you want to look at
different colors to add to your pages. Web browsers let you specify the
background color of pages and the color of active and visited links so that
you can have more control over a page's design. Unfortunately, you can'teventstraining
just say that you want something to be green. To specify a color in most
browsers, you need to know the RGB values, or even the hexadecimal
value, of a color. Suppose you want an http://www.greateventsupport.com
applet that enables users to see how
a certain RGB color appears inside their Web browser. It would make
sense to use sliders to select from a range of colors and to have text fields
that let the user enter the components of the color directly (see Figure 2.4).

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