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3 Mar 07 Adding Sound to Your Web Pages For eventstraining

3 Mar 07

Adding Sound to Your Web Pages
Users of the WWW have clamored for the capability to add sounds to Web
pages for a long time. Many Web pages have offered sound files that userseventstraining
could download and then play on their local machines. Unfortunately,
because a variety of sound formats are available, this process isn't always a
viable method of adding sound. For example, Real Audio is a company that
has begun to add sound capabilities to the Web using proprietary formats
and sound players. WAV files are a popular sound format, as are AU files

The only sound format that Java applets are currently able to use is the AU
format, which was developed by Sun. This will likely change in the next
major revision of Java. In the meantime, most popular sound editing
applications allow files to be saved as in the AU format. eventstraining
Java provides a standard way to play sounds in any applet. The fact that

Java applets are actual programs and not just HTML tags provides a great
deal of flexibility in how sounds are played. For instance, not only can an
applet play a sound when a user enters a Web page, it can also play a series - Reference
file:///D|/Cool Stuff/old/ftp/Creating.Web.Applets.With.Java/cwa02fi.htm (2 von 13) [12.05.2000 14:53:56]
of sounds associated with pictures. (Chapter 13 explains how to construct
such an applet.)

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