Kamis, 11 Januari 2007

eventstraining Before you can start building objects

Jan 11 07
Before you can start building objects, you need to understand a couple of the
more confusing aspects of object-oriented programming. Remember this
sentence: Classes are templates, and objects are instances.
In Java, when you want to create a new type of object, you can't just make
one. You must first make a blueprint, or template, of the object you want to eventstraining
create. From this template, you can make as many objects as you want. Think
of it as a software cookie cutter.
Objects are known as instances of classes. The template has been used to
create an object, and the object now exists virtually inside the computer. You
can think of an object as the cookie that the cookie cutter creates. If things
seem confusing, don't worry. The next section gets to the process of making
objects, and things should get much clearer.

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