Rabu, 29 Oktober 2008

eventstraining Optimize HDTV => Room lighting (Sewa Plasma ?)

Optimize HDTV => Room lighting

Room lighting
Since most people turn down the lights to watch a movie, our recommendations are designed to deliver a better HD picture in rooms with controlled lighting. Unless you have a big-screen projector or you're sitting at the minimum viewing distance, you shouldn't watch movies in complete darkness - it can cause eyestrain. For bright plasmas and smaller direct-view sets, the ideal setup is to place a dim light directly behind the TV and leave the rest of the room dark. Look for special "daylight" bulbs that glow at 6,500 degrees Kelvin. You should also prevent any light in the room from reflecting off the TV, as glare will hamper image fidelity. Watching at night is best, but if you watch during the day, thick curtains will really improve the picture.
Before you make any of the adjustments detailed below, set room lighting as if you were about to watch a movie. http://greateventsupport.com eventstraining Sewa Plasma Jakarta bandung

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