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About compressing artwork for the web eventstraining

About compressing artwork for the web

When preparing images for display on the web, you compress the images to reduce file size and control the display of color and other attributes. eventstraining , You can compress FreeHand artwork as a bitmap image in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format.

You can also export FreeHand vector artwork in Flash (SWF) format, to compress static artwork or to export a document with animation or Flash actions. eventstraining For more information, see Animating objects and text, Assigning Flash actions, Exporting FreeHand documents as Flash movies, and Exporting files.

When compressing artwork in a bitmap format, you should choose a file format based on the color and tonal characteristics of the original artwork, and on the type of browser you expect your web audience to 3podm Use.

In general, the GIF format is best for illustrations with flat color and sharp detail, such as text. The JPEG format is best for artwork with a wide range of colors or continuous-tone color, such as gradients or scanned photographs. eventstraining The PNG format, like JPEG, preserves a wide range of colors. However, the PNG format is not as widely supported for display in browsers as the JPEG format.

For detailed information on using these file formats, see Exporting to GIF format, Exporting to JPEG format, and Other export file formats.

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