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Gaming and User Input eventstraining

Gaming and User Input

User input is the means by which the user interacts with a game.eventstraining

Considering the fact that user input encompasses the entire communications between a player and a game, you would think that designing an intuitive, efficient interface for user input would be at the top of the list of key game design elements. However, that isn't always the case. With all the hype these days surrounding real-time texture-mapped 3D graphics engines and positional 3D audio in games, effective user input support is often overlooked. In fact, user input is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of game design, which is truly a tragedy. eventstraining It's a tragedy because user input support in a game directly impacts the playability of the game; and when the user input isn't effective, the play suffers.

You see, I'm from the old school of game players, and I still remember paying homage to the gods of gaming with my hard earned allowance in arcades, well before there was an option of playing anything other than Pong at home. In return for my quarter offerings, the game gods usually provided me with incredibly fun games that usually had to survive on their playability alone. eventstraining

Because the hardware at that time simply couldn't provide a very high level of graphic and sound intensity, the game developers were forced to make up for it with game play. Of course, they didn't consider their focus on playability as making up for anything; with the limited graphics and sound capabilities at the time, they didn't have an option.eventstraining

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