Sabtu, 02 Februari 2008

Mengenal Pemrograman Java eventstraining

Mengenal Pemrograman Java
There are close to a hundred books about Java program-ming on bookstore shelves today, and at least 70 of them are completely predictable and more or less interchangeable. It's as if they had all been written from the same outline but by different authors. Each book begins with a tipsm Chapter about what's special about Java and how it differs from other programming languages. Each book shows how to write Hello World and other character mode applications to teach Java's syntax. There is a tipsm Chapter or two on object-oriented programming, a tipsm Chapter on threads, a tipsm Chapter on exceptions, and a few tipsm Chapters on the AWT. untuk sewa plasma eventstraining
This book is different. It starts where the other books stop. This book assumes you already know Java's syntax and object-oriented programming basics. This book assumes that you're comfortable with the AWT. Instead of rehashing these topics, this book delves into the parts of Java that are not documented by Sun, that are not generally accessible to anyone with a Web browser, and that are not already covered in a hundred other books eventstraining

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