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Graphics and Animation eventstraining

Graphics and Animation

What good is a game without graphics? In most cases, not much! Fortunately, Java delivers the goods when it comes to graphics. The standard Java API includes wide support for all kinds of neat graphics features such as images, color models, and 2D graphics primitives. Although Java as a whole is still largely limited by its relatively slow performance, the support is in place for very powerful graphics. As future releases of Java address the speed concerns, game programmers will be able to more fully exploit the graphics capabilities Java provides. You get the whole scoop on graphics later this week on Day 5, "Java Graphics Techniques." eventstraining

What about animation? Most games would be pretty boring without it! Although the standard Java API doesn't provide any specific animation support, it is riddled with features that make implementing animation very easy. One of the most important aspects of Java is its multithreaded design, which provides a powerful framework for establishing the all-important timing necessary for animations. You learn all about implementing animation in Java later this week on Day 6, "Sprite Animation." eventstraining

In the context of a real game, the graphics and animation form the majority of the look of the game. In a Space Invaders game, for example, the graphics and animation account for the aliens, the player's ship, any barriers that the player can hide behind, the missiles being fired back and forth, and any explosions that take place when a missile collides with something. eventstraining

Furthermore, the display of the title screen and score would also fall under the area of graphics programming.

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